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BASTL Instruments BESTIE Stereo Mixer

April 14, 2023

A mixer with muscle and grit?? That is what BASTL just created.. The BESTIE is much more than just a simple 5-channel stereo mixer. Channels 1 and 5 have separate inputs for stereo or mono, while channels 2 through 4 have (1x) stereo inputs. Channel 3 is where things start getting interesting.... plug in a device for usual control ... or leave it empty to activate feedback mode! All sounds coming into the box will loop back to cause oscillations and feedback... at max setting, you will hear a tremolo-like effect. Go crazy and experiment. 



You might be wondering, can the BESTIE be used as a typical mixer with access to control sound levels with clarity? Yes! Each channel has a gain/volume knob. and each channel is capable of boosting your signal up to 20 dB. If you keep all levels left of 12 o'clock, your sound will be heard with out clipping or distortion. As BASTL says, "pure vanilla," but when you start exploring levels past 12 (or past 0 dB), you will introduce intense boost, gain and classic/gritty distortion! Each channel also has a mute control. 

BASTL: "Mixing with Bestie can be pure vanilla if you keep all the levels left of the 12 o'clock position. But once you start boosting, Bestie can quickly turn into a Beast. As soon as you start to overload the mixer, the sounds can start to fight for dominance."

To have this much fun with a mixer is no easy task, and to offer a device like this at an approachable price is.. well, un-heard of. Pre-orders are open now! 


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