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Featuring: Collision Devices!

September 08, 2023

Collision Devices is a pedal company that focuses on experimenting with sound, texture, space & time. Born out of France in 2017, buddies Baptiste & Denis came together as a company obsessed with hand made goodness. CD's shared values: "Authenticity, High Quality, Innovation & Handmade." On the heals of a double release, CD's values are still ringing incredibly true. Below are their current & latest exciting offerings!



Collision Devices SINGULARITY



If you've ever played through, or are familiar with CD's creative Black Hole Symmetry effects pedal, you probably wished you could pull the thick and meaty Fuzz side out and apply it to everything... Your wish is their command.. introducing the Singularity Fuzz! CD now offers that fuzz in a single knob, single toggle square enclosure, in either white or black. And, it is very very excellent! With the added toggle, you now have control of the Low Pass output, going from 720Hz to 2.3kHz to 16kHz. And the single, large knob controls both gain AND volume. Simple and filthy! This is one fuzz you will not want to miss. DESTROY your signal ⚡️

From Collision Devices:The signal passes through a JFET transistor and 3 silicon transistors to end up being destroyed. Completely built in France. From the enclosure to the circuit. Assembled by hand in our workshop."



Collision Devices TARS


TARS | Fuzz + Filter

CD also released TARS the same day as Singularity, both utilizing the same Fuzz architecture from Black Hole... But clearly TARS is something completely different and it's own animal (or lonely robot). CD introduced a Korg MS-20 style filter to run the fuzz channel through.. which opens all kinds of expressive textures and tortured tones. If you are looking for a way to experiment with noise, this ones for you!

From Collision Devices: It’s a robot looking for life in space too. But that’s a long story we’ll tell you in the user manual. The fuzz part is inspired by the Black Hole Symmetry fuzz section. Put it through the MS-20 style filter to create fuzzy-noisy textures. Cut through the mix with the different filter possibilites or sweep between the frequencies to create huge waves of noise."




Collision Devices Nocturnal


NOCTURNAL | Reverb, Delay & Tremolo

Next on the menu, NOCTURNAL! An experimental machine that will put you in a dream state. 3 effects that combine into 1 beautiful coloring box. Let's break down the 3 stomps: Dusk is a Modulated Delay, Night is a Dynamic Tremolo and Dawn is a shimmery reverb. This one requires some play-through to really appreciate what this brings to your sound. With 12 knobs, you have FULL control over this ambient box. Experimenting is highly encouraged!




Collision Devices Black Hole Symmetry


BLACK HOLE SYMMETRY | Delay, Reverb & Fuzz

Now that we are familiar with the Fuzz side (SINGULARITY) of the the Black Hole, let's catch up with the other 2 stomps, Ergosphere and Event Horizon. Ergosphere is Modulated Delay with a slightly gritty texture and the Ergosphere is a pitch shifted reverb. With these 3 effects combined, your signal starts getting ripped apart and sucked into the black hole of gritty gloriousness. Be. Warned!

You can also use each effect independently. Quite literally, 3 pedals in one! You may ask, does it shoegaze? Yes. Yes it absolutely does! As with all CD products, experimentation is highly encouraged as well as cranking the volume. Sonic tools to lose yourself in.




Collision Devices The Ranch


THE RANCH | Drive, Boost & Tremolo

The Ranch is one of CD's earliest pedals and it still packs a punch! Their version of what a modern ranch would sound like, and we wouldn't mind finding out where this is! Really, it is a simple pedal with simple controls. Controls: the Dust knob is for adding Gain, the Bright knob is for EQ - crank it to cut through the mix and add "brightness" or treble... and the Strength knob is simply, volume. The right stomp is to activate gain while the left stomp is for tremolo and a long press (followed by a momentary press) is used to boost / add body to your over all sound. There are many uses and it will feel right at home if you want to play the blues, bliss out while looking down at your shoes or just simply rock out and let the volume overtake you. The tremolo is dynamic, which means, you are the controller of the intensity... play slow and light and you will hear slow pulses of tremolo, pick up the pace and the tremolo follows suit. 

From CD: "We have built this pedal to be very dependent on the dynamic and on your playing. We have tried to find some materials alternatives in the aim to be conscient of our ecological impact. This pedal is made of noble materials. The stompbox is manufactured in US Walnut which grows up in Europe to reduce carbon footprint. The US walnut is very interesting first for its tint composed of black grain. It offers a superb aspect once it is nourished. Its medium density allows an easy machining while staying very resistant. 

To create some relief and work with textures and colors, it is covered by a Pinatex slice. To remind leather, but without hurting animals. The Pinatex is made with pineapple leaf fibre. It is an agricultural waste product."

Collision Devices cares about the impact on the environment and making you grin from ear to ear with sonics. ❤️


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