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Release Radar: Alexander Luminous | Empress Heavy Menace | Keeley Super AT

May 13, 2023

TSP's Release Radar sheds light on the latest gear, for the week of 05.08.23! Leave a comment and let us know what you think of the latest from Alexander Pedals, Empress Effects and Keeley Electronics. Jump on these releases before they are gone. 


Empress Effects Heavy Menace

 Empress Effects | Heavy Menace

The Heavy Menace is the most versatile distortion pedal that Empress Effects has ever created. It’s an evolution of the original Heavy with new features and a compact enclosure. 

In addition to the original Heavy and Heavier modes, the Heavy Menace adds a new Lite(ish) mode, covering any high-gain sound from classic hard rock to searing modern metal. Learn more by clicking on the image!

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Alexander Pedals Luminous


Alexander Pedals | Luminous Phaseshifter

After diving deep into the arctic circle, Alexander gathered bits of the Aurora Borealis... Why? To take its' feel and character, then turn it into a pedal. What emerged is the Luminous. Equal parts phaseshifter and swirly glowing haze machine. It dances and hovers with the utmost mystery, occasionally imperceptible while frequently vivid. 

Luminous gives you ten distinct flavours of phaser, from very subtle to incredibly intense. They added the ability to save your favourite sounds to instant access presets, making for an incredibly useful musical tool. 

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Keeley Electronics | Super AT MOD Overdrive


Keeley Electronics | Super AT MOD Overdrive

Keeley: Robert and Andy worked on this together and as the name implies, it NAILS tones from the original Keeley BD-2 PHAT Mod but then AT Mod tightens low end and focuses low-mids for lead work. We knew it was good when it replaced Andy's legit Keeley modded BD-2. Click through to learn more!

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