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Release Radar: Earthquaker Aurelius | Fjord HEDDA | Native Mint Drive

April 07, 2023

TSP's Release Radar sheds light on the latest gear, for the week of 04.03.23! Leave a comment and let us know what you think of the latest from Earthquaker, Fjord Fuzz and NativeAudio. Jump on these releases before they are gone. 


Fjord Fuzz HEDDA

 Fjord Fuzz | HEDDA

Unapologetically vintage fuzz, with a twist! Meet Fjord's latest release, HEDDA. A simple fuzz going back to the hey day of the 70s. 1 knob (large) for fuzz volume and 1 knob (small) for bias and control of momentary switch. OH, what is that momentary switch for?? Feedback Oscillation. Control how much or how little of the velvety / velcro-y texture you want to squelch past your lead tone! Lots of fun to be had with 2 knobs and a momentary oscillation switch.

Fjord Fuzz KNOWS the beauty of fuzz and no better pedal to trust with your tones. It is encouraged to run this into an overdriven amp, or a decent OD pedal. But, to our ears, the HEDDA also sounds fantastic with a clean-er setup. Experiment and have fun! Available now.

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Earthquaker Devices Aurelius Tri-Voice Chorus

Earthquaker Devices | Aurelius Tri-Voice Chorus

Earthquaker's latest is based on the 1970's CE-1 Chorus Ensemble pedal. Jamie and team tirelessly tweaked and fine-tuned the chorus effect so it surrounds you with movement. You can choose between Vibrato, Chorus and Rotary. And once you find a setting that you are obsessed with, SAVE it! You can save up to 6 settings or play Aurelius live adjusting parameters to your heart's content! You can also plug any TRS expression pedal into the side to control Width, Rate or Balance. 

From EQD: "Choose from Vibrato, Chorus and Rotary mode and manipulate their Width, Rate and Balance to achieve your ideal sound. Shift seamlessly from one mode to another to cop a blend that is all your own. Just one simple tap of the Preset (Save/Recall) and you can summon up to six settings of your choosing at will." 

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NativeAudio Mint Drive v3

NativeAudio Mint Drive v3

Last but, certainly not least, is NativeAudio's third take on their ever popular OD: Mint Drive! Hear what NativeAudio has to say about their latest iteration: "The updated design improves upon its predecessor with hybrid-LED soft clipping, pre-gain low-pass filtering, and an expanded range in both gain and tone. The Mint Drive™ works equally well as an always-on tone sweetener or in conjunction with other dirt pedals to create harmonically rich tones." Click through to learn more!

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