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Release Radar: Keeley Noble Screamer | Spaceman Charon | Boss NS-1X | 29 Pedals JFET | Fjord Fuzz MIME

September 26, 2023

TSP's Release Radar sheds light on the latest gear, for the week of 09.18.23! The last couples weeks have been thick with new releases! We will be looking at FIVE of the latest and greatest in the effects world. Go from an AI inspired reverb to a 4 in 1 Overdrive, to a high-tech noise suppressor, and more!  Get to know them each, below.


Keeley Noble Screamer


Keeley Electronics | Noble Screamer 

Keeley has created something special with the Noble Screamer. He wanted to combine characteristics of different overdrive and boost pedals in order create something of a hybrid. Something unique and un-played. The Noble Screamer ALMOST ticks the box of an amp modeler, except the circuits are 100% analog. Keeley developed a circuit that has 2 familiar OD effects, and 2 brand new OD effects.. basically turning this into a 4-in-1 pedal. In other words, an excellent amount of versatility to experiment and sculpt with. All of this wrapped into a very simple and intuitive, pedal board friendly enclosure. Speaking of enclosures, the Noble Screamer is the first to don Keeley's new aluminum design. Available now!

From Keeley Electronics: "Toggle between battle-tested, classic overdrive effects or innovate your sound using new hybrid tones; let your ears be the judge. Even with all of these features, the pedal remains a user-friendly three knob overdrive. The innovation in the Noble Screamer doesn’t end there; our new design features true-bypass or buffered, truly silent switching, on the fly." 

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29 Pedals JFET Boost


29 Pedals | JFET Boost

If you are familiar with 29, you'll know that players LOVE his designs while also having NO idea how the sound and tone is produced. 29 Pedals creates mystery boxes! Not quite, but the sheer ingenuity in each of 29's designs are something to marvel. Enter, JFET... his answer to a boost pedal. Once again, almost complete mystery but the usefulness and beauty of this design is unmatched and now, highly sought after. The JFET can be placed anywhere in your pedal chain and it'll enrich anything that is played through it. As typical, the controls are stripped and marked by a mysterious letter. Th radial is for level/gain (0 - 16 db), while the toggle has 3 settings: N, F, and X (N: "Normal" Clarity/Cutting, F: Full while cutting). Since this is a JFET based boost, you will have a tube quality even if it is solid state. To understand the pedal takes some plugging in and experimenting. Your ears will tell you all you need to know! 

From 29 Pedals: "JFET (jay-fet) is a boost pedal rooted in my love of the JFET transistor, long-loved in the world of audio for its similarities to vacuum tubes. As always for 29 Pedals it’s a ground-up design, from a blank sheet of paper, an effort to elevate the humble boost circuit to something refined and tonally enhanced."

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Fjord Fuzz MIME


Fjord Fuzz | MIME Reverb

It happened. An AI Chatbot designed its first pedal! 🤯 If you were scared of the future, this may warm you up a bit... it just sounds SO good (and unique). Of course there was plenty of human intervention (Thanks to Fjord Fuzz!!)... Controls are simple but full fledged and complementary of each other. The secondary stomp is to oscillate your reverb trails. But, the sheer interest and uniqueness of this pedal begs to question, if AI looks at sounds and circuits different than we do, how many other combinations and possibilities are achievable in this format? (Thoughts for another article, in the future.) MIME is not just an example or concept, it is a beautiful sounding pedal that begs for experimentation, as well as a simple texture added to your playing. Thankfully, this will not be responsible for a future of robot wars... most likely!

From Fjord Fuzz: "It's a tiny package packed to the brim with creative features and quirky yet familiar textures.

It sounds similar to a plate reverb, but with hints of springiness at the tail of the trail, but it’s also uniquely its own thing, created by the whatever sum of huan knowledge was avaialable to the chatbot at the time and the semantics with which it put it all together." 

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Spaceman Charon Fuzz


Spaceman | Charon Fuzz

What happens when you combine germanium and silicon transistors into one fuzz? A world of possibilities! Go from subtle crunch to full blown wall of damaged sound. Trust the Spaceman! 🚀

From Spaceman: "At low gain levels the Charon reacts like an overdrive with satisfying crunch and attack. Its smoky harmonics flicker and hover around your tone almost without touching it directly. Turning up brings in more compression and bloom as your tone becomes fatter and more distorted. The intense midrange character begins to take form as it thrashes around, only getting dragged across the fretboard by the command of your fingers. Full tilt is an outrageously textural, aggressive wall of sound that swaggers and crackles menacingly. The harder you dig in, the more bombastic and unhinged it becomes.

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BOSS NS-1X Noise Suppressor


Boss | NS-1X Noise Suppressor

Boss is working magic again, using their MDP tech and putting it into the latest Noise Suppressor. The NS-1X silences noise without affecting your tone or playing feel!

From Boss: "Background noise can be problematic with guitar and bass, particularly in high-gain setups. The proprietary MDP approach used in the NS-1X delivers fast, transparent operation in every application, eliminating the unnatural attack and decay artifacts that can be introduced with standard noise suppression systems. High-speed digital technology analyzes the input signal on multiple levels in real time, enabling ultra-detailed processing that provides just the right amount of noise reduction for any playing style or performance venue.

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