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Release Radar: NativeAudio Buffalo Days | Korg Wavestate 2 | Beetronics Octahive 2 | Thorpy ER-2

June 29, 2023

TSP's Release Radar sheds light on the latest gear, for the week of 06.26.23! Leave a comment and let us know what you think of the latest from NativeAudio, Beetronics, Korg and Thorpy. Get to know them each, below!


NativeAudio Buffalo Days Multi-Reverb


NativeAudio | Buffalo Days Reverb 

NativeAudio is turning a new leaf and offering a brand new, 4 mode reverb, called Buffalo Days. Simple controls yet extraordinarily versatile. Take either of the 4 mode algorithms (plate, room, hall or spring) and go from subtle, to in-the-clouds atmospheric, with just a twist of a dial.

From NativeAudio: "The streamlined interface includes independent mix and depth controls for a captivating and expansive reverb experience. From subtle room reflections to cavernous echoes, Buffalo Days provides a gig-friendly, multi-reverb solution."

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Korg Wavestate MK2


Korg | Wavestate MK2 Wave Sequencing Synth

There is a lot to unpack and love about this new generation of Korg's Wavestate. Easily express yourself and modulate to your hearts' content. The original was built for the modern player while re-introducing all the features in the legendary Wavestation. The MK2 (latest gen) has improved polyphony with 96 stereo voices, an updated look and a fresh library of sounds. Click the above image to learn more about this powerful update from KORG.  

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Beetronics Octahive v2


Beetronics | Octahive v2 High Octave Fuzz

Octahive is Beetronics original and now legendary octave fuzz – which was based on vintage octave pedals from the '70s (of course brought up to date for the modern player). Now, we have V2 of this now classic pedal.. which is proving to be a worthy update! Now enclosed in a compact, pedal board friendly package. You also have on-the-fly control over the fuzz / octave combo.. utilizing the single (tri-mode) foot switch. 

Hear what Beetronics has to say: "In BUZZZ mode, prepare to unleash a ferocious high-gain fuzz that's perfect for low riffage and powerful chords. Enter the mystical OCTAVE mode and watch as you're transported to a mind-bending psychedelic wonderland. And here's a tip fit for a Queen Bee: Roll down the PRE control, switch to your neck pickup, and watch those beeautiful octave harmonics take center stage."

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ThorpyFX ER-2


ThorpyFX | ER-2 Univibe Vibrato / Chorus

2nd generation of the ER? Nope, Thorpy named this one after NASA's high altitude, earth observing aircraft, named ER-2. But the difference is, Thorpy's latest pedal may put you in a mind state of observing (from high) where your guitar, or other instrument's signal is moving... Watch as your tone modulates in similar ways to a pristine and modern/eccentric Univibe unit. There is plenty of movement that can be harnessed to either be subtle in the background, or moved way up in the forefront to take over your amp!  

From ThorpyFX: "We wanted to deliver decade spanning classic Univibe modulation that enables you to sound like as many of the classic records that use the effect, as possible. We decided to take it much further and create our dream Univibe, shrinking it and retaining a simplicity of use that belies the pure analog complexity within."

Click the above image for more details!

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