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Release Radar: Ranger FX Chop Fuzzz | Beetronics Nectar | Alexander Dynaflanger

October 29, 2023

TSP's Release Radar sheds light on the latest gear, for the week of 10.23.23! Leave a comment and let us know what you think of the latest from Rainger FX, Beetronics & Alexander Pedals. Get to know them each, below!


Rainger FX Chop Fuzzz


Rainger FX | Dr Freakenstein Chop Fuzzz  

Dr Freakenstein adds a new fuzz to its ever growing lineup... this time expounding on the Chop Fuzz with Chop Fuzzz! If you are looking for a fuzz that can play nice AND get raunchy... this one aint it... This one is here for all the raunch and grit and texture you can imagine. Highly gated and fully analog. There is a LOT happening in this desktop friendly enclosure. It can sound like a ring mod / octave shift / stutter (chop) control / Modulator. If you are into the Bardo Pond sound from the 90s, this will get you there. Swirling walls of beautiful / almost visible clouds of nasty modulated (if you want) fuzz. Twist the dials, experiment and get loud! 

From Rainger FX: "The Chop Fuzzz is an uncompromising all analog, full-on gated fuzz pedal - with a whole bunch of interesting ways of manipulating the signal. It’s the latest installment in the Dr Freakenstein dynasty!!!

It’s actually a very specific kind of multi-effects pedal; as well as fuzz, it has two types of modulation, a pressure-operated expression pedal (to do wah wah-like effects), a tunable drone facility - capable of ring modulator tones - and a noise gate." 

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Alexander Dynaflanger Model 213


Alexander Pedals | Dynaflanger Model 213

If you have been on the hunt for a flanger that covers ALL the basis, this small sized runner up to the F.13 N, may be the answer. Fresh out of the labs of Alexander Pedals is the Dynaflanger! The latest in their Leap series pedals.. meaning - a galaxy of possible flange effects controlled digitally from 4 knobs and one small screen. A multi effect JUST for flange and short delay. Alexander chopped down the menu options as much as possible, in order to allow easy adjustments on the fly. Click above to learn more about what all the incredible sounds the Dynaflanger can produce.  

From Alexander Pedals: "Ever since intrepid 60s-era studio pioneers began manually applying pressure to their tape reels, the jet plane sound of the flanger has been an iconic part of our tonal toolkit. This is uniquely true for us here at Alexander Pedals, as our roots are firmly planted in flanging concepts. Our F.13 and F.13N pedal are benchmarks for flanging excellence.

So when it came time to design our ultimate flanger pedal, we pulled out all the stops to combine all the best tones we love from our original F.13 into the Dynaflanger 213 — weirdness and all. Explore at your own risk (or delight!)"

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Beetronics Nectar


Beetronics | Nectar Drive / Fuzz

Overdrive? Fuzz? SURE! A bit of an oddity... Toggle between the 2 wildly different drive effects and let it rip! Or add a little extra crunch with OD. The fuzz side, as you'd expect from Beetronics at this point... is excellent! Modern, close to, but not exactly a muff style, full bodied fuzz. Crank the tone (TASTE) mob for a gorgeous and open distortion/fuzz that is crispy and will seer just about any amp you plug it into. Crank the gain (HONEY) control to thicken your distortion texture. BUT... if you are looking for a tweed style, edge of breakup tone (or even a boost), pop the toggle over to the Overdrive side. It'll still scream, but it also can do transparency very well! An interesting pedal arrangement for these 2 OD effects, but each are versatile and extremely useful. There is a lot of pedal in this enclosure. Click above to throw one in your basket! Available now.

From Beetronics: "The Nectar "Tone Sweetener" strikes a perfect balance between versatility and simplicity. It offers a wide range of tones, spanning from a vintage tweed-style crunch to a full-bodied overdrive, and even a modern high-gain fuzz that pairs wonderfully with any guitar, pedal or amp.

The Nectar's responsiveness is truly unparalleled, like a delicate bee collecting pollen. Every nuance of your playing is enhanced and sweetened in the best way possible, with plenty of headroom." 

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