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Release Radar: Strymon UV | Walrus 385 mkII | Jackson Audio Hour Glass | Benson Delay

October 13, 2023

TSP's Release Radar sheds light on the latest gear, for the week of 10.09.23! Leave a comment and let us know what you think of the latest from Strymon, Jackson Audio, Walrus & Benson Amps. Get to know them each, below!


Strymon Ultraviolet


Strymon | Ultraviolet  

Strymon has released a dreamy, vintage vibe in their mini pedal format. If you feel inspired to break out some tie dye, we will not judge! The Ultraviolet will take you back to the 60s, when vibes were gooey and edible. A sound that will remind you of players like Hendrix, Robin Trower, David Gilmour... to name a few. 

From Strymon: "UltraViolet is a hyper-accurate recreation of the classic vibe sound that began with the original Shin Ei Univibe® in the late ‘60s, but it goes far beyond those original units in flexibility. We’ve captured all of the critical component interdependencies of the original down to the tiniest nuance, but we’ve also innovated by adding a new Blend mode to the original Chorus (50/50) and Vibrato (100% wet) settings, to give you a 70/30 mix of dry and wet for a more subtle effect. We’ve also added three different Bias settings, allowing you to fundamentally change the throb and growl of the vibe sound to suit the needs of the music. It’s highly addicting!" 

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Walrus Audio 385 mkII


Walrus Audio | 385 mkII

Walrus Audio just updated their ever popular 385 dynamic overdrive... and the updates are juicy! The 385 is based on a vintage projector from Bell & Howell. For years guitarists would turn that projector amp into a guitar amp. Thankfully, with the 385 OD pedal, you can get the same tones out of a format that will fit on your pedal board. With this update, you have 2 gain stages to choose from along with an extra stomp to activate either drive. You also have a new toggle that will boost and saturate your OD, for even more versatility and crunch.   

From Walrus Audio: "The 385 was developed to have the same simple but effective tone control as it’s older relative, but unlike the projector, the 385 breaks up the single tone control and integrates separate, boost and cut bass and treble, allowing the player to get more creative with mid-frequency scoops and bumps allowing for a much wider array of tones to be achieved."

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Benson Amps Delay


Benson Amps | Delay

Chris Benson did it... he finally released a Delay pedal... and this one is worth the wait and anticipation! Is it analog? Is it digital? Yes. Bucket brigade or tape delay? Yes. Chorus or Vibrato? Yes, again! Chaos and alien sounds or controlled feedback wash under your signal? Yep! It does a lot and it all sounds dreamy. Chris built this around an 80s karaoke chip (the PT2399), instead of the typical digital bucket brigade... which isn't unusual. What is unusual? The length of delay and fidelity that he has achieved with this old chip. He also wrapped the PT2399 around an analog LFO, a compander (compressor and expander) and very precise gain staging. There is a LOT to unpack on this one, so click above to learn more. We will be talking about this unique approach to delay for quite some time. Available now!

From Benson: "With our history in tape and bucket brigade echo servicing, we were obviously going to go with the floaty and colorful repeats with a chaotic yet musical degradation. That’s the heart of the thing, the whole point.

The Benson Delay goes fast enough to do chorus and vibrato and slap, and slow enough to create blurred and haunted soundscapes, with a whole range of warbly musical sounds in between. 30ms - 1250ms!" 

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Jackson Audio Hour Glass


Jackson Audio | Hour Glass

From Jackson Audio: "Introducing the “Hourglass” Analog Dual Compressor Pedal - Unlock timeless sustain and endless creativity with dual, independent, legendary OTA analog circuits. The Hourglass Dual Compressor Pedal is the first of its kind and your ticket to extended sustain and unparalleled tonal control.

From warm, natural compression to soaring sustain, the Hourglass opens up a world of sonic possibilities for you to explore.

Set one compressor for single coil guitars, and the other compressor for humbucker guitars, and have precise tone and dynamic shaping when you switch guitars! Both compressors can also be engaged simultaneously for endless sustain!" 

Click the image for more details!

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