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Unboxing Video Featuring The Hologram Dream Sequence

October 24, 2016

Sean from The Noise Reel just rented some gear and put up a great video highlighting our service.  If you are wondering what The Sound Parcel is all about, check out Sean's video. 


Hey everybody, this is Sean coming at you about a new service called The Sound Parcel. It's a gear rental service for electronic devices, pedals, synths, controllers and cables. Dave was kind enough to let me try it out and i thought i would share with you guys... my friends, right now!

This is what happens when you order from The Sound Parcel... you get a box, and it's a nice box. You have three options when you rent the gear. You have one week, two weeks, or four weeks. Very reasonable prices, actually, which surprised me.

What initially drew me to this service was the browsing selection. The website was very very clear, very concise. No clutter which is great! You don't want to spend too much time on a website. You want to know what you want to get, order it, get it to your door, and start playing music. So I very, very much applaud that.

Inside the box we have the slip. We have the receipt. And this is very important... when it's time to return it here's your return shipping label. Just pack everything back in the box and return.

Now on to the good stuff. When you rent from The Sound Parcel you get a pin, a sticker, a card and it is ...the rental box for musicians and gear enthusiasts, which is you. Now here's the very important thing, you may want to pause your screen and get that code. You're welcome America, I mean world, it's the 21st century I'm talking to the world.

This is very cool, a battery clip. Power right here. Very very nice touch, thank you. I'm assuming that's supposed to be returned with it. I'll ask Dave but let's just say that's what it is.

This is what i rented, the Hologram Dream Sequence. As you can tell it's clean. Property of The Sound Parcel of course because this is a rental service. I ordered it for two weeks. There's an option for one month. Once you decide how long you want to have it you choose when you want to have it on the website. Time begins when it's shipped. Ship it back in the timely manner... and they'll take care of you.

This is The Sound Parcel. Check it out

I am Sean with The Noise Reel. I will be demoing the Hologram Dream Sequence soon so stay tuned.

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