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Blackstar ID:Core BEAM - 2x10-Watt Bluetooth Guitar Combo Amp



  • Portable stereo combo amplifier with Bluetooth playback
  • 6 guitar amp voicings and built-in effects including reverb, delay, and more
  • Dual 10-watt power amps for true stereo sound
  • 2 x 3" speakers
  • Patented ISF tone shaping lets you capture the sound of American amps, British amps, or a blend of both

The central hub for instruments and stunning music playback

The ID:Core BEAM with it’s stylish looks and incredible versatility will become the central hub in your home for all things music.

Whether it be setting some grooves on the bass, recording your guitar directly into your DAW or just pairing your MP3 playback device, put your feet up and enjoy wirelessly streaming your favourite songs to the ID:Core BEAM with incredible quality and definition.

Try setting your Voice to one of the acoustic simulators and enjoy the high quality acoustic sounds from your electric guitar.


Based no the control set of the critically acclaimed and best-selling ID: Core series of guitar amps, the ID: Core BEAM takes incredible guitar tone into the home and becomes the central hub for instruments and stunning music playback. For the first time ever in a Blackstar product you also get Bluetooth functionality. This will allow you to stream music to the amplifier and in the fugue also edit your amp via a mobile app Along side the six electric guitar Voices, there are also two bass, two acoustic and two acoustic simulator Voices. making this the ultimate in-home musicians amp. For music playback we have taken the incredible audio performance of ID: Core and raised it to another level. Playback of your MP3s through the ID: Core BEAM will outclass the sonic performance of the most well-respected MP3 docks and with Super Wide Stereo the sound will fill the room Specifications: 20-Watt Super Wide Stereo Bluetooth Connectivity Styled for use in the home 6 Electric Guitar Voices, 2 Bass Voices, 2 Acoustic Guitar Voices, 2 Acoustic Simulator Voices Revolutionary sonic performance Patented ISF 12 Digital FX Programmable - store up to 12 patches or use in Manual Mode Full Blackstar compatibility - create and share patches online with the Blackstar community USB Audio MP3/Line In, Emulated Line Out

High Quality Construction

The ID:Core BEAM cabinet has been carefully designed to give you the optimum sonic performance for the bass, electric and acoustic guitars, and for audio/MP3 playback.

The Controls

The ID:Core BEAM features 6 different electric guitar voices (red LED) and 6 alternative instrument voices (green LED). There are two acoustic voices, two acoustic simulator voices and finally two bass guitar voices to choose from.


To use the Bluetooth feature on ID:Core BEAM you have two options.

Discoverable Mode (slow flash): to pair simply go to the devices page of your Bluetooth device, select your ID:Core BEAM, then play your music.

Scanning Mode (fast flash): reconnect automatically to a previously paired device, or press again to enter Discoverable Mode.


  • Weight: 8.6 pounds
  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 6.5 x 11.5 inches

Brand: Blackstar


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