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Disaster Area Designs 5P-QQ 5-Pin MIDI to 1/4″ MIDI Cable

Custom-made adapter cable converts 5-pin (DIN) MIDI output to 1/4″ MIDI input.

This cable requires pin 2 of your controller’s MIDI output to be earthed / grounded.  If you’re not sure whether your controller or MIDI device meets this requirement please contact its manufacturer.

ALL DISASTER AREA MIDI CONTROLLERS Gen3 and newer work with this cable.


Meris:  All current pedals

Empress:  Reverb, Echosystem, Tremolo 2, ZOIA

Alexander:  All NEO SERIES pedals

Bondi:  Art Van Delay

Directions for use:

Set the DIP switches for your controller’s MultiJack to ON-ON-ON (most controllers) or ON-ON-ON-OFF (SMARTClock Gen3, DMC-6/8 Gen3.)

Enter the controller setup menu and configure the MultiJack for MIDI output.
DMC-3XL / 4, DPC-5, DMC.micro, JACK = MIDI
SMARTClock Gen3, MJ C or MJ D = MIDI
micro.clock, J C = MIDI

Save and exit.

Please consult with the manufacturer of your MIDI device for information on how to set up their MIDI configuration.

      Brand: Disaster Area Designs

      SKU: DAD-5P-QQ

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