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Hungry Robot Pedals The Collective

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The Collective is a brand new fuzz pedal designed by Hungry Robot. The Collective is an over-designed, complex fuzz pedal, a true desert island fuzz designed to please the most ardent fuzz connoisseur. The Collective covers a lot of ground with plenty of external controls as well as over a DOZEN internal parameters to narrow down that perfect fuzz tone. The Collective is a pedal that requires and encourages exploration. The Collective has three fuzz circuits in one box.  On top of that there is a 2-band State Variable Filter and a chatotic feedback loop. 


Starting at the top of the pedal, the "Conventional" knob is a traditional sounding fuzz. This is meant to balance out the more chaotic fuzz tones and provides a bread-and-butter sound when you need it. The "Low Spectrum" and "High Spectrum" knobs are part of an active State-Variable Filter, similar to the one found on The Lumen. The "Synthetic" knob is a logic based CMOS fuzz that can be described using the words, velcro-ey, synth-ey, gate-ey, and glitch-ey. The "Pristine" knob allows you to blend in your clean signal when you need a bit of pureness to balance out the crazier sounds. On the left is the "Overload" knob. This controls the amount of signal let back through an internal feedback loop. The output of the fuzz is fed back into the input causing self-oscillation and some gnarly textures. Underneath the knob is a dedicated momentary footswitch to activate the feedback loop or you can latch the feedback loop ON by flipping the toggle switch up. On the right is the "Submerge" knob. This is a monophonic sub-octave fuzz. Similar to the "Synthetic" fuzz, this is also CMOS-based, so similar gated, unstable tones. The "Submerge" also has a dedicated momentary footswitch to add in the sub-octave with its own toggle switch that can latch the sub-octave.


Conventional:  Adjusts the volume of the Conventional Fuzz

Synthetic:  Adjusts the volume of the Synthetic Fuzz

Pristine:  Adjusts the volume of the clean signal.

Overload:  Controls how much feedback is looped back into front end when Overload is active.

Latching Toggle Next to Overload:  Latches the Overload effect ON when up.  When down, the effect is bypassed.

Footswitch Below Overload:  Momentary control of Overload effect.  Does the opposite of what the Toggle Mode is set to.

Submerge: Amount of Submerge, monophonic sub-octave is sent to the output. 

Latching Toggle to Submerge:  Latches the Submerge effect ON when up.  When down, the effect is bypassed. 

Footswitch Below Submerge:  Momentary control of Submerge effect.  Does the opposite of what the Toggle Mode is set to.  

Middle Footswitch:  Master Bypass


  • Current Draw: 97 mA
  • Dimensions: 5.7” x 4.7”
  • Powering:  9V DC - Negative Center - 2.1mm Barrel

Brand: Hungry Robot Pedals


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