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Lincoln I-90 LEGACY / Gotham GAC-2111 Balanced Mic And Interconnect Cable

checkbox Assembled in Illinois, USA

checkbox Gotham GAC-2111
checkbox Switchcraft AAA3 series XLRs

    The better road to travel for your mic and line xlr interconnections. Whether the journey is a few feet on a desktop or 16 feet in the field, the Lincoln I-90 Legacy cable assemblies will transport your audio cleanly and clearly, with none of the mid-range congestion and high-end hype that turn other audio paths into dead ends for sonic neutrality and detail.

    These assemblies feature a Gotham cable whose design was based on the legendary EMT 2111 cable, from the German manufacturer of EMT turntables. EMT’S 927 and 930 turntables were the world’s highest performance studio and broadcast turntables from 1951 through 1971 and they continued to introduce remarkable and over-engineered turntables up through.1982.

    The EMT 2111 cable dates back to the late 1960’s and is still winning praise from critical audiophiles worldwide Gotham’s GAC-2111 is a compact (4.5mm outer diameter) and lightweight cable that boasts an ultra-strong yet flexible PUR jacket, PE insulation for lower capacitance and Double Reussen Shielding.

    Lightweight, flexible and super-rugged these cables look like nothing else on the market today. They offer a unique feature set which makes them a perfect choice for portable and desktop recording rigs.

    The Lincoln I-90 Legacy offers superb performance in home, studio or the field.

    The Double Reussen Shielding is renowned for its effective protection against RF interference.

    Lincoln I-90 Legacy assemblies are terminated with Switchcraft AAA3 series xlr’s. Their rugged diecast metal handles and dual point shell grounding provide maximum protection against RFI.

    All Lincoln Heritage Series cable assemblies are fabricated in Illinois, “Land of Lincoln.”


    Available with:

    • Switchcraft black shell connectors (AAA3BAUZ) with gold plated contacts OR
    • Switchcraft nickel shell connectors (AAA3Z) with silver plated contacts


    Special Order Options Also Available:

    • Neutrik NC3XX-B and longer lengths are special order options (contact us for details)

    Brand: Lincoln


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