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About The Sound Parcel


What If You Could Try Gear Before Buying It?

As gear enthusiasts, we asked ourselves the same questions that we often hear from our customers.

  • What is the best delay pedal for my rig?
  • Is that coveted vintage fuzz really that much better?
  • Should I take the plunge into synthesis with a desktop or eurorack setup?

So we came up with the idea for The Sound Parcel in late 2015. It was simple:

  • Bring the experience of walking into the best music shop directly to your door.
  • Provide access to a huge selection of new, boutique, and rare gear.
  • Offer seriously easy at home trials... allowing our customers to demo gear with their own setups with no headaches.

Changing The Game

Today, The Sound Parcel is changing the way musicians discover and experience music equipment, one trial at a time. We're connecting gear enthusiasts with today's most innovative manufacturers and yesterday's most in demand vintage units.

Our Mission

  • Serve as a discovery platform for professional musicians, recording engineers, and gear enthusiasts.
  • Make it amazingly easy and affordable to try all the sound making things.

Try It Out

We have a massive inventory of equipment and it is growing every day. So go ahead... try it out.

Questions? We're Here To Help! 

Whether you need help navigating the site, assistance with an order, or expert gear advice The Sound Parcel is always ready to help.

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