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Milkman Sound

Milkman, a name coming from his family's lineage and now a name known by many great musicians (large and small).. Milkman's founder, Tim builds these beautiful amps out of a labor of love. Once you plug in, you'll understand immediately. Each amp is built in instrument-grade care and by hand... most likely Tim's hands! Scroll down to learn about his offerings and available stock.



Get to know MIlkman's amps. Every component chosen is of the highest quality. The circuit design is wholly Tim's design and not based on any other design. Perhaps this explains the unique character you hear when you plug in. Milkman amps are known for their versatility and ability to act as an extension of your playing dynamics. There are many flavors to to pick from and absolutely no wrong choice.

Available* Milkman Amps

*If there are no Milkman Amps currently in stock... check out our past builds for inspiration.

Milkman Sound Sold Gallery

Milkman Sound Pedals

Milkman, built into a pedal!

Milkman has some great options in a more portable format... amp pedals and effects! For instance, F-Stop utilizes the same effects that are built into Milkman's full size amps! While the High Headroom, is an op-amp boost to add nuances to your signal chain.

If you want to take Milkman sound on the road, with out carrying an amp, "The Amp" line of powered pedals is a great choice... simply plug in a speaker cabinet (or headphones) and you are powered up and ready to shred! Add "The Amp" to your pedal board for even more versatility and power!

Milkman Sound Pedals