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Grid-enabled Rhizomatic Cascading Counter

Grid-enabled Rhizomatic Cascading Counter

Grid-enabled Rhizomatic Cascading Counter

Grid-enabled Rhizomatic Cascading Counter

WARNING: monome modules require high +5v current

Please make certain to check your cases +5v power supply capacity. If it is underpowered (<600mA), or highly taxed, ourSWITCH is required. Available very affordably from our retailers.


Meadowphysics facilitates the exploration of polyrhythms and rule-based sequencing, producing a wide range of emergent patterns.

A monome grid is plugged into the front panel of the module, becoming a complete interface. The sequence continues running when the grid is disconnected, facilitating both live performance and precomposed playback of generative systems.

Meadowphysics is composed of eight counters, one per row, falling toward zero. Each counter is configured via the main grid interface, setting the number of counts per row before an event is created. The internal clock, or externally patched clock input, only drive the first of these counters, creating a rhythmic base to build tangled polyrhythmic structures.

The remaining seven counters are cross-assigned with the other rows, each stepping toward zero when receiving an event. Any combination of cross-assignments is possible, enabling the intuitive creation of very complicated long-form mutating polyrhythms.

When counters hit zero and create events, they can also effect Rules on themselves or other counters. The length of the effected counter, normally set by the grid, can be reassigned by these Rules. Rules can increment, decrement or randomize Count, amongst others. Interlinking these Rules between different counters, long evolving patterns will emerge.

Through carefully balanced interlinked counters and rules, complex rhythms can be created that push and pull in ways not associated with digital sequences. These non-linear, rhizomatic sequences become particularly interesting when they respond to user input, allowing one to guide the structure into musical territory.

Full configurations are preset-able and savable to flash for later recall and instant resume on power-up.


Align the ribbon cable so the red stripe corresponds to the white indicator on the rear of the module’s circuit board.

As mentioned at top, monome modules require high +5v current. Before powering up your case, make sure the power supply can provide at least 600mA of current on the +5v line. Even if it appears to work in an underpowered case, it may degrade slowly over time until it fails and destroys the White Whale. These repairs are not waranteed.

Power consumption: