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The Sound Parcel PRO


Rent All Year For $59 With PRO 

1.  20% OFF all rentals for the year.
2.  All rentals ship FREE.
3.  One complimentary gear rental (up to $50 value on a single item).
4.  A FREE gift at time of sign-up.

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What Else Should I Know About PRO?

Save on all your rentals for the year.

What's better than saving your hard earned cash. 20% OFF all rentals for one year, no strings attached.

A complimentary rental, use it whenever you choose.

We'll send you a coupon code for one complimentary gear rental (up to a $50 value). This benefit alone, basically covers the cost of your membership!

How does PRO work?

For $59, you will receive 20% OFF all rentals placed within one year of the purchase date. Plus, you receive a $50 complimentary rental credit, not to mention a free gift when you sign up. Current memberships are nonrefundable once you've placed your first pro rental order.

How soon can I access my PRO member benefits?

After signing up for PRO it will take on average 1 business day to update your account status.  You will receive an email confirmation including your PRO member details and free rental code.  Your free signup gift will ship with your first rental.  Email, chat or call 484-291-4327 with any questions.

How does my complimentary rental work?

We'll send you an email with you $50 promo code after you sign up for PRO. Offer is valid on any single rental item. Use it anytime you choose during your membership year.

But I don't like being locked into subscriptions.

You're not! This is a one year membership. If you loved your last year... sign up again next year. No contracts... no commitments... just great sounds. Try it out!