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Abracadabra Audio Ayahuasca MINT [ Used ]

This item was preloved, fully tested and guaranteed 100% functional.

From deep within the analog heart of the Amazon jungle comes Ayahuasca, the first visionary musical instrument created for Abracadabra Audio. This potent psychedelic panacea features a textural circuit that colors, saturates, & distorts your guitar signal, inducing vivid auditory sensations for the musician and listener. Dial in your dose of drive for colored clean tones, dynamic overdrive, and intense saturated fuzz. Going deeper with Ayahuasca reveals a powerful tremolo that will induce trance-like states with its pulsing and throbbing effects. At the tremolo’s greatest intensity, additional sub-harmonic tones manifest from the void as your guitar is juxtaposed between silence & sound. Inspired by the beauty & terror of the jungle, Ayahuasca will take you on an unforgettable journey into new realms of sound.

Color & Texture

Ayahuasca’s Input knob controls the input level of your instrument signal. The Output knob is a master volume control. At lower Input levels you’ll get colored, lo-fi, clean-ish tones. Raising the Input morphs the sound into an overdriven, touch-sensitive distortion. Increasing the knob further will heavily saturate your guitar sound with thick, aggressive fuzz.

Ayahuasca’s Color knob is unique among ‘tone’ controls. The Color circuit starts with mixable high & low pass filters, but a unique treble bleed path on the high pass side reintroduces some mid-frequencies while reshaping the upper frequencies for unconventional tones and textures.

Stack other drive pedals in front of Ayahuasca to create new hybrid dirt sounds. Dial in lower to moderate Input settings, set Color to taste, and enjoy new spectrums of tone from your existing pedals.

Beyond Tremolo

Ayahuasca features an advanced tremolo with tap tempo & 6 tap divisions.

There are 3 tremolo modes: Standard volume modulation, Harmonic modulation of Color, and Both at once.

The Depth knob controls how deeply the tremolo is applied. The left & right waveform toggle-switches allow you to create unique tremolo waveforms from Sine, Triangle, & Square options. The Balance knob sets the center point of the waveform.

The Rate knob controls the speed of the tremolo and can achieve speeds much faster than standard tremolo pedals. When both sides of the waveform are set to Square, Ayahuasca can produce sub-harmonic tones at high Depth & Rate settings.

Express Yourself

Ayahuasca has a dedicated EXP/CV input for using an Expression Pedal or Control Voltage (CV) source to control parameters.

When no parameters are set to Ramp, plugging in an exp pedal or CV source disengages the tremolo’s LFO to provide manual control of the tremolo’s volume envelope similar to a volume pedal. You can send Ayahuasca sequenced or LFO controlled CV for dynamic volume effects.

The Input, Color, Rate, Depth, & Balance can also be EXP/CV controlled individually or in any combination. Each parameter can be set to sweep in the ascending or descending direction.

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