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Asheville Music Tools ADG-1 700mS Analog Delay - Black Texture

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Color: Black Texture

Analoger Series ADG-1:
100% Analog Bucket Brigade Delay / 17ms-700ms

Analoger Series ADG-1 100% analog Bucket Brigade Delay 16mS - 700mS

Controls (specification subject to our tweaks/changes or the whims of our overlords)

Time: Delay TIME, adjustable from 35ms to 700ms with the Bucket switch down (all BBDs), or 17ms - 350mS with the Bucket switch up (half the BBDs). Expanded to 900mS to 27mS (450-13mS) with Expression pedal, control voltages or LFO.

Feedback: Amount of repeats. Tapered perfectly to achieve infinite repeats without runaway, for evolving ambient washes and plate-like reverb tones, or push it into self oscillation for a whole new realm of sonic exploration.

Rate: LFO RATE, from 0.08Hz to 40Hz (or faster with use of an Expression Pedal). Modulate your playing for even more sonic possibilities. From shimmery glitters to mind numbing dive bombs, octave shifting and more the LFO will take your delay to new sounds with true fractional delay modulation that can only be achieved by true analog delays.

Amount: LFO amount. Control the influence of the LFO on the delay, from completely off to mind-bending warbles! Unlike traditional delays that use a linear modulation, we use an exponential modulator for smooth volt/octave time and frequency shifts that stay musical over the entire sweep range.

Drive: up to +22dB or -3dB at the input. The onboard preamp is capable of complete transparency, a light boost for level matching, or musical saturation and compression.

Mix: the blend between Wet (effected) and Dry (un-effected) signals. Capable of fully muting the dry signal, ideal for parallel effects loops.

Tone: Placed inside the feedback loop, turn the controls counterclockwise for the muted warmth of classic analog delays, turn clockwise for a bright, magnetic-style echo tone that can either fold under your playing or become more pronounced with each repeat.

Bucket Toggle: sets the time range. Use 2 buckets for longer delays, and use 1 bucket for slapback and faux chorus/flange sounds.

LFO toggle: sets the LFO waveform between triangle, slewed square or off (center). Triangle waves are perfect for classic modulated sounds, and square wave can produce musical pitch jumps or atonal chaos.

Bypass Footswitch: effect on/off - internal switch selects between True Bypass and Buffered Bypass using a JFET buffer for a warm yet natural buffered sound.

Tails/Mod Footswitch: depending on the mode (set internally), can be used to either engage the modulator or to mute the input for trails bypass (sometimes called Spillover).

Expression Switch: 4 position rotary switch lets you control the Time, Feedback, Rate or Amount with an external expression pedal (internal +5V supplied on ring) or a 0-5V CV input for even more range and control of your playing.

Under the hood Switches

True Bypass / Buffered bypass: Select between true bypass (takes the ADG-1 entirely out of your signal path) or a classic JFET buffered bypass to give drive and keep your signal chain from undesirable tone suck, noise and signal loss.

2nd Stomp Switch function: Select the function of the 2nd stomp switch. Either used to kill/stop the modulation effect when pressed or trails mode where pressing the signal will allow the signal in the BBD chain to continue to feedback and play without new input while you play on top and let the existing sound naturally trail off.

Electrical Specifications: (subject to change)
100% Analog signal path

Switchable true bypass or JFET-buffered bypass with switchable trails

Power: 9VDC @ <150mA (85mA Nominal, up to 250mA start up.)

Expression / CV input assignable to Time, Feedback, Mod Amount, or Mod Rate (CV range is 0-5V). Ring supplied current limited 5V.

Delay time: <35mS – 700mS Dual BBD mode, 17 - 350mS single bucket mode, 900mS to 27mS (450-13mS) with control voltages or LFO.

Input impedance: >1MΩ

Output impedance: 1KΩ Max

Max input level: +15dBµ (4.3V RMS)

Max output level: +14dBµ (3.9V RMS)

Maximum drive: >22dB (covers attenuation to gain)

Noise Reduction 2:1 broadband with 12dB HF emphasis

Physical Specifications

Genuine Hammond™ die-cast aluminum enclosure

Dimensions: D=4.90” (12.5 cm), W=3.70” (9.4 cm), H=2.25” (5.8 cm)

Weight: 15oz (0.425kg)

Brand: Asheville Music Tools


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