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Befaco Knurlies - Eurorack M2.5 Rack Screws x50 units

Knurlies are the first screws out there specially designed for eurorack. Engineered with love by Befaco to make re-arranging your case a matter of minutes!

Knurlies can be fastened by hand, Phillips, slot or Allen. And brings a plastic washer already in place to avoid rack rash.

These M2.5 screws can be secured by hand, all common screwdrivers and Allen Key. These are great for saving time when rearranging your synth.  


  • Available as M3 and M2.5
  • 7mm long
  • Phillips,  slot, Allen and thumb enabled!
  • Flat-tight  Washer to avoid rack rash.

                  Brand: Befaco

                  SKU: KN052

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