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Blackstar amPlug2 FLY Headphone Amp for Electric Guitar


Practice your guitar without upsetting the neighbors using the amPlug2 FLY Guitar Headphone Amp from Blackstar. This device is a small amp that plugs into the output jack of your guitar, utilizing a 1/4" instrument plug that rotates 180°. This plug accommodates many types of guitars. Once connected, the amPlug2 will amplify the guitar into your attached headphones.

The amPlug2 uses an analog circuit to emulate a guitar amp and control the amount of gain. A tone control is provided via the ISF knob. There are three channels: clean, crunch, and lead. Furthermore, delay, chorus, and reverb effects are on hand. Simply press the FX button to access these effects. 

An aux input allows you to plug in an external music source and jam along with your favorite rhythm section. Gain, tone, and volume controls let you fine tune your sound. The device gives you 17 hours of battery life.

        • Channels 3
        • Tube Types None
        • Effects Loop None
        • Built-In Effects Chorus, Delay, Distortion/Overdrive, Reverb
        • Inputs 1 x 1/4" Mono Instrument
        • 1 x 1/8" Stereo Aux
        • Outputs 1 x 1/8" Stereo Headphone
        • Tone Section Channel 1: Channel Volume, Gain, Tone
        • Channel 2: Channel Volume, Gain, Tone
        • Channel 3: Channel Volume, Gain, Tone

            Brand: Blackstar


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