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Blackstar FLY 3 Bass - 3-Watt Mini Bass Guitar Amplifier NEON BLUE


Color: Neon Blue

The black FLY 3 Bass from Blackstar is a versatile 3-watt mini bass guitar amplifier with Clean and Overdrive channels, a built-in compressor, and an Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) to dial in your desired tone. It can also be used as a portable speaker to listen to music, a PC speaker, and more.

The FLY 3 features controls for Volume, Gain, EQ via Blackstar's proprietary Infinite Shape Feature, Compression, and an Overdrive switch. This simple yet comprehensive control set allows you to sculpt your tone, and the sealed cabinet is designed to deliver full-bodied sound when you plug in your bass, or when using an external device such as an MP3 player or mobile phone to play music through the MP3/line input jack. There is also a speaker emulated output jack that can be used for recording your bass or to connect headphones for quiet practice.

Whether you're looking for your first amp or a portable mini amp for practice, the FLY 3 Bass is an ideal tool for any bassist.

Built-in MP3/line in jack allows you to connect to your MP3 player, mobile phone, laptop, tablet, etc. to jam along with your favorite tracks or use as a portable speaker
Emulated speaker output jack can be used for recording or for quiet practice through headphones
Capable of being battery powered, you can take your FLY 3 Bass with you wherever you go
Separate clean and overdrive channels
Proprietary ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) to dial in your desired tone
Turn the FLY 3 Bass into a 6-watt stereo mini amp setup by connecting a FLY 103 Bass extension cabinet (sold separately). This configuration can also be used as portable stereo speakers for listening to music, or as computer speakers

    Brand: Blackstar


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