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Boredbrain Eurorack Patch Cables 3.5mm TS Mono - Essential 12 Pack

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Boredbrain 3.5mm Patch Cables were designed with frequent patching in mind. The grippy and extra-flexible strain-relief makes pulling easy, yet the plug is very slim. The cable has a medium-sized diameter which is durable and drapes evenly.

  • Custom designed for exceptional durability, feel and handling
  • Manufactured to withstand thousands of patches
  • Suitable for audio and control voltage signals in eurorack systems
  • Carefully packaged to prevent kinks

Essential 12 Pack includes:
2 x 6-inch, 4 x 12-inch, 4 x 24-inch and 2 x 36-inch cables

Why other cables fail

When copper wire gets worked back and forth over and over again, it becomes weakened and will eventually perforate. It's as simple as that. The area at the back of the plug where it meets the cable is the most vulnerable spot. This is why Boredbrain patch cables were designed with an extra-long strain relief and are molded from a superior high-flexibility grade of PVC. In addition to its superior strength, this design also provides a large area to grip for extraction, so you are pulling the on the plug and not the cable.

Cables guaranteed for life (as long as Boredbrain makes them!), so rest assured Boredbrain will gladly replace any failed cables with no questions asked. Now get patching!

    Brand: Boredbrain Music


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