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Boss SY-1000 Guitar Synthesizer



The SY-1000 is a breakthrough creation machine that transforms your guitar or bass rig with limitless sound design options. This powerhouse music tool opens a bold new chapter in the legacy of BOSS guitar synth innovation, fusing decades of R&D with our latest software and hardware advancements. Backed by a cutting-edge sound engine, high-octane DSP, and evolved GK technology, the SY-1000 delivers the finest performance and most organic playing experience to date.

Three simultaneous instruments and premium processing let you craft any sound you can imagine—intense analog-style leads, warm pads, moving synth textures, modeled electric and acoustic tones, or all at once. And with freely configurable footswitches, outputs, and external controls, you can maximize the hardware for any workflow. Sonically vast and deeply expressive, the SY-1000 is an infinite well of inspiration, energizing your musical vision with endless possibilities.


Instruments parts // 3 parts

Instruments types //

[Guitar mode]

  • Guitar synthesizer: 3 types (DYNAMIC SYNTH, OSC SYNTH, GR-300)
  • Electric guitar + Amp modeling: (Guitar = 12 types, Amp = 31 types)
  • Acoustic + Amp modeling: (Acoustic = 9 types, Amp = 31 types)
  • Bass + Amp modeling: (Bass = 3 types, Amp = 31 types)
  • Vio guitar modeling: 12 types
  • Poly FX: 5 types

[Bass mode]

  • Bass synthesizer: 3 types (DYNAMIC SYNTH, OSC SYNTH, ANALOG GR)
  • Bass + Amp modeling: (Bass = 10 types, Amp = 31 types)
  • AC bass + Amp modeling: (AC bass = 1 type, Amp = 31 types)
  • Electric guitar + Amp modeling: (Guitar = 3 types, Amp = 31 types)
  • Poly FX: 5 types

Alternate Tuning //

[Guitar mode]

  • OPEN (D, E, G, A), DROP (D to A), D-MODAL, NASHVILLE, SHIFT (-12 to +12), USER, 12-string guitar function

[Bass mode]

  • SHIFT (-12 to +12), USER, 12-string bass function

Effects // Over 150 types

Patch Memory // Guitar mode: 200 (Preset) + 200 (User)
Bass mode: 200 (Preset) + 200 (User)

AD Conversion // Divided Pickup: 32 bits + AF method
Normal Pickup: 32 bits + AF method
* AF method (Adaptive Focus method) is a proprietary method from Roland & BOSS that vastly improves the signal-to-noise (SN) ratio of the AD and DA converters.

DA Conversion // 32 bits

Sample Rate // 48 kHz

Normal Input Level // GUITAR INPUT: -10 dBu
RETURN: -10 dBu

Maximum Input Level // GUITAR INPUT: +16 dBu
RETURN: +8 dBu

Input Impedance // GUITAR INPUT: 1 MΩ

Normal Output Level // MAIN OUTPUT (L/PHONES, R/MONO): -10 dBu
SEND: -10 dBu

Output Impedance // MAIN OUTPUT (L/PHONES, R/MONO): 44 Ω
SEND: 1 kΩ

Recommended Load Impedance //

MAIN OUTPUT (L/MONO, R): 10 kΩ or greater
*Phones: 44 Ω or greater
SUB OUTPUT (L, R/MONO): 10 kΩ or greater
SEND: 10 kΩ or greater

Controls // BANK DOWN switch, BANK UP switch, CTL1--2 switches, 1--4 switches, POWER switch, INST button, EFFECTS button, CTL button, EXIT button, WRITE button, SYSTEM button, PAGE button
1--6 knobs, OUTPUT LEVEL knob

Display // Graphic LCD (512 x 160 dots, backlit LCD)

Connectors // GK IN connector: 13-pin DIN type

GUITAR INPUT jack, SEND jack, RETURN jack, MAIN OUTPUT (L/PHONES, R/MONO) jacks, SUB OUTPUT (L, R/MONO) jacks: 1/4-inch phone type
CTL3, 4/EXP1 jack, CTL5, 6/EXP2 jack: 1/4-inch TRS phone type
USB COMPUTER port: USB B type (supports High-Speed USB, USB Audio, and USB MIDI)
MIDI (IN, OUT/THRU) connectors
DC IN jack

Power Supply // AC adaptor

Current Draw // 800 mA

Accessories // AC adaptor(PSB-1U + AC Cord Set)
Owner's manual

Options (sold separately) // Divided pickup: GK-3 (for guitar), GK-3B (for bass guitar)
GK cable: GKC-5 (5 m, 15 feet), GKC-10 (10 m, 30 feet)
Footswitch: FS-5U, FS-5L, FS-6, FS-7
Expression Pedal: EV-30, FV-500L, FV-500H, Roland EV-5
Unit selector: Roland US-20
AC adaptor (PSB-1U)

* When purchasing an AC adaptor, be sure to specify the adaptor (from the list that follows) that is designed for the region in which it will be used, and the voltage supplied there.


  • Width // 345 mm, 13-5/8 inches
  • Depth // 245 mm, 9-11/16 inches
  • Height // 67 mm, 2-11/16 inches
  • Weight (excluding AC adaptor) 2.5 kg, 5 lbs 9 oz

    Brand: Boss

    SKU: BOSS-SY1000

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