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Carry-On Digital Wind Instrument White



The Carry-on Digital Wind Instrument is a great value creative musical tool for all abilities and ages. Whether you’re starting to learn to play, want to practice silently, or explore the exciting world of MIDI. The Carry-on Digital Wind Instrument is a digital wind controller that can be played just like a traditional wind instrument, with the ability to switch between Baroque (English) or German fingering patterns. It’s a practical solution for silent practice and access to a world of different sound possibilities for players of all types of wind instruments. It has 10 voices that can be heard via the instrument’s built-in speaker or headphones. Creativity is unlocked using MIDI over Bluetooth for control of synths and other MIDI sound generators such as those in GarageBand. 
  • Perfect For Kids Development: Learning to play the recorder is a gateway instrument for other wind instruments such as the flute and clarinet. Learning a musical instrument helps develop a child’s motor and coordination skills and also develops cognitive skills important for good mental health. With 3 levels of breath sensitivity, it can also be enjoyed by children of all ages and abilities.
  • Silent Practice or Out loud: With the built-in speaker the Carry-on electronic wind instrument performs like a traditional recorder but parents and neighbors can relax in peace with the addition of a 3.5mm headphones socket, meaning any player can now practice in silence, anywhere.
  • Midi Over Bluetooth: The Carry-on DWI has 10 Instrument voices built-in: Soprano Recorder, Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Flute, Bamboo Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Hulusi, and Suona. You can unlock creativity by connecting to Midi sound generators such as garage band on all platforms, including iOS/Android/PC/Mac, and use as A Midi controller for any sounds you like. 
  • Perfect for on the Move: The Carry-on Digital wind is compact, lightweight and a similar size to a traditional Recorder. Small enough to fit in school bags or backpacks and includes a tote sleeve carry case. The built-in USB rechargeable battery gives up to 3 hours of playing time on a full charge. Play anywhere.
  • Hygienic removable and washable silicone mouthpiece.

        Brand: Carry-On


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