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Cioks DC10 Pedal Power Supply



    DC10 is a professional multi-output power supply for effect pedals. It has 10 regulated and well-filtered DC outlets configured in 8 isolated sections. With a total of 1.600mA it’s a perfect solution for bigger rigs with pedals only using a DC power source. Its three powerful sections with 400mA each will power pedals with special requirements like Strymons, Eventides, TC Electronic Nova-series pedals or TC Helicon pedals, Moogerfoogers, Radial Tonebone pedals or others without the need of special cables. Selectable with a switch DC10 offers voltages 9, 12 and 15V, and combined with the included Stack Flex or Series adapter Flex also 18 and 24V. The first 4 isolated outlets offering 4x100mA are perfect for standard 9V low current pedals.


    • 10 outlets configured in 8 isolated sections
    • Toroidal transformer with additional electromagnetic field shielding
    • 3 powerful DC sections with 400mA each
    • 15V option for Radial Tonebone pedals
    • Short circuit protection of all outlets
    • Advanced LED monitoring of each section
    • Temperature monitoring
    • 120 or 230V mains voltage operation
    • A total of 16 Flex cables included
    • Split Flex for powering two pedals of one outlet included
    • Stack Flex and Series adapter Flex for powering 18 or 24V pedals included
    • Compatible with Pedaltrain and Temple Audio pedalboards
    • Mounting bracket and all pedalboard mounting hardware included

    What's In The Box?

    • CIOKS DC10 power supply
    • Mains power cord
    • 16 Flex cables:
      • Type 1 – black with 5,5/2,1mm centre negative DC plug x8
      • Type 2 – red with 5,5/2,1mm centre positive DC plug x1
      • Type 4 – green with 5,5/2,5mm centre positive DC plug x2
      • Type 5 – black with 3,5mm tip positive Jack plug x1
      • Type 6 – black with 9V battery clip x1
      • Split Flex type 1 – black, powers two pedals of a single outlet x1
      • Stack Flex type 1 – white/black, adds voltages of two outlets x1
      • Series Adapter Flex – white, adds voltages of two outlets x1
    • Pedalboard mounting hardware: mounting bracket, screws, washers, stand-off and hex key
    • Manual
    • Product sheet (drill guide)
    • Flex guide

      Brand: Cioks

      SKU: CIOKS-DC10

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