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Cole Clark Fat Lady 2 Series in Australian Blackwood Top, Back and Sides


FL2ECBLBL Acoustic-Electric Guitar Designed for the acoustic guitarist who demands the highest standards in an instrument, this Cole Clark 2 Series Fat Lady (Dreadnought) guitar is the go-to choice for every player looking to have ultimate control of both the acoustic and plugged-in performance environments.

Cole Clark's unique construction techniques like the Spanish Heel neck joint and internally-carved top and back timbers allow for a lighter, stronger guitar that is optimized for ultimate plugged-in performance. All guitars are Plek'd to ensure perfect fret level, and provide the highest standards of playability and intonation. Cole Clark guitars feature a thin Nitrocellulose Satin finish to allow the beautiful, sustainably-sourced, natural timbers to breathe and be tonally unrestricted.


  • Cole Clark Patented 3-Way Pickup System gives the most natural and versatile plugged-in sound .
  • 100% Sustainably-Sourced Solid Australian Timbers completed with a Satin Nitrocellulose finish
  • Unique construction techniques like Spanish Heel neck joint, Internally carved Top and Back Timbers
  • fully-integrated pickup system
  • Plek machine used to achieve exacting standards of playability and intonation
  • All Blackwood timbers allows the most dynamic tones from the Cole Clark pickup system
  • River She Oak Finger Board
  • Crafted in Melbourne Australia and delivered in a professional quality Hard Case
  • Includes a Pick Guard, 9V Battery and Maintenance Guide

        Brand: Cole Clark


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