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Creepy Fingers Regulus 8



    A version of the infamous fuzz circuit used by Sérgio Dias of the Brazilian Psychedelic band Os Mutantes. A highly flexible circuit. Depending on the settings of the external controls as well as internal trimpots it can go from high output dirty boost to high gain noise gated nasty fuzz. Additions to the original circuit include a fuzz control and gate control. The gate control lets you cut off noise and hiss when not playing. Internal trimpots control the amount of low end entering the circuit and another adjusts the threshold of diode clipping at the end of the circuit. Features include true bypass switching, 9v power jack, and led indicator. Not for the faint of heart.

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    Crazy quality and super solid build. Amazing looking enclosure and knobs. Thing is built like a vintage fuzz tank. Besides all that, this fuzz sounds ridiculously amazing. I imagine this is what an old fuzz would sound like buying it brand new back in the day. Super versatile and a beautiful yet badass fuzzy sound.

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