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Doepfer A-148v Dual S&H (Vintage Series)


Module A-148 (Dual S&H) has two identical sample & hold modules, designed to produce 'staircase' voltages. The signal present at the sample input is sampled at a rate set by the signal at the trigger input, and held at that voltage at the S&H output.

The exact shape of the staircase depends on the sort of waveform at the sample input: NOISE or RANDOM signals produce random patterns; an LFO produces rising or falling staircase patterns.

Two LEDs for each S&H indicate the voltage (positive or negative) of the sampled signal.

Technical Specs

  • 4 hp
  • 20 mA +12V
  • 20 mA -12V
  • 30 mm deep

      Brand: Doepfer

      SKU: DOEPFER-A148V

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