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Doepfer A-188-1Xv BBD Delay (128 Stages) Vintage Edition


Module A-188-1 is a so-called Bucket Brigade Device module (abbr. BBD). BBDs have been used to delay audio signals before digital delays dethroned the BBD based effect units. But BBDs have some very unique advantages (or disadvantages dependent on the point of view) over the digital counterpart which result from the special properties of the BBDs. BBD circuits can be treated as a chain of Sample&Hold units (S&H) which pass on their voltages to the next S&H in the chain at each clock pulse. A more detailed explanation – including the different types of BBDs – can be found in following chapter.

In any case the sounds generated by module A-188-1 are very special. Typical applications are: Flanger, Chorus, Analog Delay or Karplus/Strong synthesis. But as the A-188-1 has a lot of very unique features (voltage controlled clock rate / delay time with extreme range, polarity switches for the CV inputs, feedback and BBD out/mix, clock and CV output of the high speed VCO, BBD clock input, feedback insert, feedback up to self-oscillation) a lot of unusual applications can be realized with the module (e.g. delay controlled by ADSR, envelope, random or sequencer with positive or negative effect). The A-188-1 also has no built-in anti-alisaing filter in order not to limit the possibilities of the module. For this the CV out is intended.

Originally A-188-1 was developed for BBD curcuits with 1024 or 2048 stages as these circuits are still in production. Bur we found a limited quantity of normally obsolete BBD devices with 128, 256, 512 and 4096 stages (MN3006, MN3009/3209, MN3204, MN3005). These are more expensive than the two standard circuits with 1024 and 2048 stages. Therefore the module versions with 128, 256, 512 or 4096 stages are more expensive and available only while stocks last. The BBD type used in the module is indicated by a dot at the front panel.

These are the names of the different versions:

  • A-188-1X with 128 stages BBD (MN3006/MN3206), available only as long as quantities of MN3006/MN3206 last
  • A-188-1Y with 256 stages BBD (MN3009/MN3209), available only as long as quantities of MN3009/MN3209 last
  • A-188-1A with 512 stages BBD (MN3004/MN3204), available only as long as quantities of MN3004/MN3204 last 
  • A-188-1B with 1024 stages BBD (MN3007/MN3207/BL3207), standard version, no delivery limitations
  • A-188-1C with 2048 stages BBD (MN3008/MN3208/BL3208), standard version, no delivery limitations
  • A-188-1D with 4096 stages BBD (MN3005/MN3205), available only as long as quantities of MN3005/MN3205 last

        Technical Specs

        • 14 hp
        • 80 mA +12V
        • 50 mA -12V
        • 65 mm deep

            Brand: Doepfer

            SKU: DOEPFER-A1881XV

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