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The Hungry Robot [hg+lg] combines the amazing versatility of both low gain and high gain versions of The Hungry Robot. The Hungry Robot [hg+lg] takes the two circuits, replicates them completely, and combines them into a small footprint dual overdrive. With 12 dipswitches it is hard to find a more versatile pedal in this size. The internal signal chain sends your input into the high gain side and then cascades that into the low gain circuit. Both channels can be operated independently.

Low Gain Dipswitches

  • #1 Red LED (Light Clipping)
  • #2 1N914 (Medium Clipping)
  • #3 BAT41 (Heavy Clipping)
  • #4 Bright Switch (For Lower Gain)
  • #5 1N914 (Clipping)
  • #6 Bright Switch (For Higher Gain)

High Gain Dipswitches

  • #1 More Gain
  • #2 Bass Boost
  • #3 Op-Amp Stacking
  • #4 Light Gating Effect
  • #5 More Gain
  • #6 Treble Boost

Usage Tips

The external controls have a narrowly focused range. The idea is to spend some time upfront tweaking the twelve internal dipswitches and then spending less time dialing in the pedal before a show.

Some of the dipswitches are subtle, but are extremely important to get the pedal to match your rig and playing style. Be creative and find a sound that is right for you.

The low gain shines in giving your signal a bit more of an amp-like edge. The high gain is ideal for when you need more saturation and more meat to your tone.

Power Requirements

Power must meet the following minimum requirements. For best results use a power supply that is specifically designed for pedals 9V DC 2.1mm “Boss” Style Plug Negative Center


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