• Level: overall volume, with more than enough range for line level output or to overdrive the next thing in your signal path

  • Gain: amount of overdrive/saturation equally applied to all frequencies; highly interactive with the Bass and Treble settings

  • Bass: pre-clipping low shelf boost/cut, +/-12dB @ 100Hz

  • Treble: pre-clipping high shelf boost/cut, +/-12dB @ 3KHz

  • Hi/Lo (switch): sets the range of the gain control, +0dB in the Lo position and +14dB in the Hi position


  • V2.5 (Spring 2024)
    - Minor electrical adjustments
    - Simplified bypass circuitry to remove microcontroller
    - Minor artwork/print adjustments

  • V2-V2.4 (2021-2022, incremental changes)
    - New mechanical format (changed enclosure shape, knob spacing, jacks, etc)
    - Added power supply over-voltage shutdown circuit and ESD protection
    - Added Hi/Lo toggle to increase gain range

  • V1
    - Original release