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Rent DOD Envelope Filter 440 Reissue

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The original DOD 440 is a true legend in the effects world; its roots in the funk and dub communities of the 1970s are undeniable. Since its inception, it’s been often imitated but never duplicated. Originals now fetch good money on the used market and for good reason—this pedal IS that sound.


Equipped with a deeply expressive envelope, the 440 is at home with pickers of all types, from hammer-hard to feather-soft. Lower sensitivity settings need quite a wallop on the strings to open up, which is a godsend for heavy pickers that accidentally manhandle other filters.

The new 440 contains a toggle that changes the “direction” of the envelope, from up to down. This opens up the possibilities even more, making the new 440 an even better buy than the originals.

  • True bypass switching
  • Standard 9v center-negative operation, or a 9v battery
  • Low current draw, ready for all power supplies

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