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Erica Synths Black Stereo Delay


Erica Synths Black Stereo Delay is a hi-fi stereo delay with a lot of unique features, based on our custom DSP engine. Tape, digital and ping-pong modes of delay, hold with overdub and delicate delay time and feedback control in combination with CV and trigger control over various parameters make this module not only great effects unit in your modular system but also - an instrument on its own.


  • Stereo delay with adjustable delay time
  • Tape, digital and ping-pong delay modes
  • Tap and clock synchronization of delay time
  • Reverse delay mode
  • Hold mode (samples up to 40” of audio) with Add (overdub) feature
  • Trigger control over Hold, Add and Reverse
  • CV control over delay time, dry/wet mix and feedback
  • Feedback path soft limiting compression
  • Add to hold soft limiting compression
  • Adjustable stereo delay spread
  • Firmware update via audio bootloader

The Black Stereo Delay is a convincing sounding delay with many practical benefits - a straightforward interface and unmistakable functions. Therefore it is to be considered less of a complex sound generator but rather an efficient tool to upgrade sounds of all kind. It is practice oriented, great for improvisation and use on stage. - Keys

Technical specifications:

Max audio input level  before clipping  16Vptp
Trigger inputs  0-8V (min 2V for high level)
CV input range (full span) -5V - +5V
Frequency range 5Hz..24kHz
Sampling frequency 48kHz, 24bit
Delay time 3..3000 ms
Audio codecs -108 dynamic range, -98dB THD+N
Power consumption +162mA, -62mA
Module width 16HP
Module depth 37mm

                                      Brand: Erica Synths

                                      SKU: ERICASYNTHS-BSTEREOD

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