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G7th Newport Pressure Touch Capo for Ukulele/Banjo (Chrome)


The lightweight, low profile banjo capo

Easy flip lever action with fine tune adjustment keeps you in tune.

One of the most versatile capos in the World, the Newport Banjo capo works really well on a host of smaller fretted instruments, while being an exceptional choice for the various types of banjo including 5 string, tenor, long neck and plectrum.

The distinctive low profile design is both easy on your fretting hand and comfortably fits next to most 5th string tuners.

As on all G7th capos, the inert silicone wrap around rubber and internal G7th design features eliminate deadening of tone and avoid dangerous metal to wood contact on the neck of your instrument.

Choosing the G7th Newport Banjo Capo means that you spend less time tuning.

Great on stage, in the studio, or in a jam: You get to focus on your music, not on your capo.

Version Banjo & Mandolin
Colour Silver
Adjustable Tension Yes
One handed operation Possible with practice
Weight 44g / 1.6oz
Size and shape Slim, and rounded, so you'll hardly know it's there.
Max fingerboard width 1 9/16" (39mm)
Max neck depth 1 1/16" (27mm)

Brand: G7th


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