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Goodwood Audio Isolator


Isolator is designed for players that want an isolated split on their pedal board.  This is ideally used for splitting your board into two lines, dry effects and wet effects, while giving muting options over both.  

Isolator comes with two options for muting. B Mute and Master Mute. With the pushbutton on the pedal you can easily access B mute. By connecting RMT, you can access both B mute (one output muted) with a quick tap of RMT’s foot switch.  You can also access master mute (both outputs muted) by holding RMT’s foot switch for 2 seconds.

1.   B Mute – Allows you to send signal to a dry amp (output B) as well as your delays and reverbs (output A). In this mode you can mute your dry amp only, allowing instant access to just your wet (modulation, delay, reverb) effects.

2.   Master Mute – This is helpful if you want to mute your entire board with trails. When muting in this mode both A and B outputs will be muted simultaneously.

We believe in providing quality products and services, which is why we endeavor to keep as many of the processes involved in building our products here in Sydney, Australia.

IMPORTANT – Use only 9vDC centre negative power! Current draw – 50mA.
Dimensions – 66mm L x 111mm W x 31mm H (including all jacks and push buttons).

      Brand: Goodwood Audio


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