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Goodwood Audio Long Line


Flexible outputs across 1/4" and XLR in mono, dual mono and stereo.  

Want flexible outputs across mono, dual mono and stereo? 
Want these options across both balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4" outputs? 
Need to be able to use these across both instrument and line level? 

LongLine is the answer. 

LongLine Outputs

Both the XLR outputs and 1/4" outputs are mirrored.  The left input will send both left 1/4" and left XLR outputs. Same goes for the right input and outputs. 

This also means the sum push button will work across all outputs (XLR and 1/4"). 

The XLR outputs on LongLine can be used for two main purposes regardless of what summing mode you are using: 

1. Active DI - You can use the XLR outputs as a pair of active DIs and plug straight into a sound desk, interface or DAW. Use the -20dB Pad pushbutton if signal level is too hot.

LongLines outputs are phantom power protected, so you can play in peace without worrying about busy sound engineers accidentally sending 48v to your board! 

2. Line Driver - Tube amps sound great when they are pushed.  A lot of venues / studios don't have the ability to facilitate loud amp levels during gigs.  With LongLine you can send your guitar signal up to 300 feet (90 meters) to your amp without signal loss.  This means you can run your amp in a completely different room, or building and ideally turn it up as loud as you need to get the best tone out of your rig.  Use RCV to convert your signal back to unbalanced 1/4" right before your amps input. 

Do NOT use the pad pushbutton (leave it out) in this mode.

All LongLines are made with high quality, durable components.

IMPORTANT - Use only 9vDC centre negative plug to power! We will internally double the voltage for higher headroom! 

LongLine Current Draw/Power: 75mA, Center Neg 2.1mm
RCV Current Draw/Power: N/A - Passive 

LongLine dimensions: 120mm x 94mm x 34mm
RCV dimensions: 112mm x 61mm x 38mm

Input Impedance (Left In, Right In): 1Meg
Output Impedance (1/4" Outputs): 500ohms
Output Impedance (XLR Outputs): Low

      Brand: Goodwood Audio


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