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Goodwood Audio Remote RMT


Use RMT to remotely control Isolator’s muting and Underfacer’s mute and summing.

Compatible Products And How To Use 
The Underfacer – Use a TRS cable to plug RMT into The Underfacer. With RMT you can remotely access the master mute with a press of the soft switch and summing by holding the soft switch.

Isolator – Use a TRS cable to plug RMT into Isolator. Now you can remotely access the muting functions.

RMT overrides the mute and sum push buttons of The Underfacer and the mute push button of Isolator.

We believe in providing quality products and services, which is why we endeavour to keep as many of the processes involved in building our products here in Sydney, Australia.

Dimensions – 96mm L x 39mm W x 44mm H (including all jacks and switches).

      Brand: Goodwood Audio

      SKU: GW-RMT

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