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Rent Gotham UltraPro MIC 15FT Microphone Cable (GAC-4/1 Ultra Pro)

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Gotham’s ultimate cable for the most challenging audiophile, studio & remote recording applications.

Could these cables truly change your monitoring experience ( more accuracy, less fatigue, better imaging, more natural) ??? The difference might not be subtle, something confirmed by many speaker owners who tell us how Gotham interconnects transformed their monitoring experience. Rent these cables today and find out for yourself!


Gotham’s quad construction cable, GAC-4/1 long been a favorite for all line-level interconnect applications and for extended length microphone cables. The standard GAC-4/1 combines a flexible PVC jacket with low capacitance PE insulation, Double Reussen Shielding and high strand-count, quad conductors for a truly remarkable level of performance at an affordable price.

Now Gotham design has taken the shielding to an even higher level in the UltraPro series, adding additional layers of shielding that provide for superior protection against RFI and EMI. This new cable has been highly praised by audiophiles, field recordists and mastering engineers. One engineer noted “ The GAC-4/1 UltraPro offers an incredible improvement in low end warmth, imaging and clarity, even over our current Gotham cable.“


Each of the four conductors is shielded with a Reussen shield of 100% coverage fine copper wires plus a conductive separation layer of aluminum polyester. The conductors are twisted around each other in a star shape and then all is held in place by another layer of coated polyester followed by an overall double Reussen shield. This provides the maximum shielding possible while maintaining flexibility.

The velvet, matte non-reflective PVC jacket material is both attractive and durable, offering excellent protection in field applications.

Terminated with Neutrik NC3XX-14BD xlr connectors.

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