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Greenhouse Effects Outlier Distortion


The past is only a sonic guide with this versatile and highly-capable drive/distortion. As your guitar signal enters the Outlier it receives a hero’s welcome with nearly every amenity imaginable.

Consider the internal signal chain: Op-Amp Buffered Input > Op-Amp Gain Stage > FET Gain Stage > Op-Amp Gain Stage > Cabinet Simulator > Active EQ > Volume Control > BJT Output Buffer. What does this even mean?! The Outlier represents the miniaturization of a whole series of circuitry functions and combines them into one unit while disguising their capability in an easy to use drive pedal with typical controls that can access all the power and control that the complex structure offers. 3 cascading gain-stages seamlessly glide from low gain settings that sound full and robust to high gain settings that lack nothing for dynamic and definable complete saturation. Active EQ makes the difference in allowing the user to take true control of tonal shaping rather than the reductive process of passive EQ. No expense has been spared to get every little edge one could want out of a compact drive circuit. We’ll say no more and let your experience with the Outlier be the judge.


  • Pure Analog signal path
  • True Bypass Switching

Brand: Greenhouse Effects


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