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Greenhouse Effects Stonefish Chorus Vibrato


A versatile modulation pedal that captures the essence of classic 80's chorus and much more with all analog circuitry.

Featuring tone and width knobs on top of the standard rate and depth knobs, enables you to have that sparkly 80's chorus or to tone down the high end when using after a distortion pedal. The width knob changes the delay time to have the effect mellowed, like vintage chorus or drastic like modern choruses.

The toggle switch cuts the dry signal out, yielding a vibrato effect that can be then adjusted further by the knobs. The LFO has enough range for the chorus to be slow and lush but also fast enough for a pseudo Leslie tones for the Vibrato. Lastly, you can even turn off the LFO (by setting the rate and depth knobs to zero) and use the width knob as a manual chorus. This enables you to set a passive chorus spot that resonates in a very unique way. Can sound like you're playing inside of a big tube.

  • All Analog circuitry
  • Thick, Lush Chorus tones
  • True Pitch Vibrato
  • MN3007 Bucket brigade Chip
  • Width and Tone controls for extra versatility
  • True Bypass Switching

Brand: Greenhouse Effects


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