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Hudson Electronics Gospel Bomb


The Gospel Bomb is a tweaked version of the classic ‘Rangemaster’ germanium boost. This pedal will kick the front end of your amp into high gear and send you into tonal bliss. Any tube amp that has a pretty sensitive preamp section will light up when you drop the bomb. It is great paired with AC, Tweed & Blackface amps and pretty much any small combo from the 50’s and early 60’s. It is also great for stacking with other OD & Fuzz pedals to unleash the ultimate fury.

Each Gospel Bomb is built by hand from scratch onto vintage-style stripboard, using high quality components and with a high attention to detail. They come loaded with CITEC longlife pots, a heavy duty switch, Neutrik Jacks, carbon film resistors,  BC / Vishay capacitors and other high quality components.


BOOST – Controls the output of the boost section.

THICKNESS – Progressively adds more low and mid range frequencies to the boost section. Allowing you to go from vintage ‘Rangemaster’ bite to thick full frequency boost.


A standard 9 volt DC regulated power supply with a 2.1mm negative tip barrel plug or a 9 volt PP3 battery. If you intend on sharing the same powers supply with other pedals, please ensure it is one with isolated outputs.


(including knobs and jacks)
120 x 65 x 60 mm

Brand: Hudson Electronics


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