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Hungry Robot Pedals Fuzz [fz]


Not a muff, not a fuzzface, not a clone of any kind.  It is a truly original fuzz design that has its own unique sound, straight from the Hungry Robot lab.  

The [fz] has a guttural low end you can feel in your chest, a harmonically rich top end, and amazing note articulation for individual notes and complex chords.

It follows in the footsteps of the very successful [lg] and [hg] and holds true to the Hungry Robot design philosophy for gain devices.  The [fz] has narrowly focused, predictable external controls (fuzz,tone,volume).  The real magic happens inside.  Like its namesake, it has 6 internal dipswitches for tone shaping that allows you to fine-tune the fuzz to match your mood, rig, or playing style.

The circuit was designed from the ground up without trying to imitate a specific fuzz tone.  Embarrassingly, I have played through very few fuzz pedals in my life.  I have never considered myself a connoisseur of fuzz, but this allowed me to approach the design with fresh, virgin ears, not trying to emulate or stack up to any classic fuzz pedals.  The end result is a radically unique and versatile fuzz pedal that may become a classic in its own right.

Dipswitches / Description

  • #1 More Fuzz / Boosts the 1st clipping stage to give the circuit more fuzz
  • #2 Tame Harmonics / Softens some of the harsh treble harmonics
  • #3 Dark Clipping / Adds diode clipping for additional grit and darkness
  • #4 Upper Mids Boost / Modifies tonestack for more upper mids
  • #5 Bright Clipping / Adds a small treble boost and diode clipping
  • #6 Compress (Dark and Creamy) / Deep compression (thicker and creamier)

Usage Tips

The external controls have a narrowly focused range. The idea is to spend some time upfront tweaking the six internal dipswitches and spending less time dialing in the pedal before a show.

Some of the dipswitches are subtle, but are very important to get the pedal to match your rig and playing style. Be creative and find a recipe that works for you.

The Fuzz Knob does not have a huge range by design and will not do clean boost tones (hopefully you did not buy this pedal for clean boost). The tone knob is unique and as you turn it up, it adds more complex harmonics as well as treble.

Try the suggested settings, but make sure you experiment. Everyone’s rig is different, everyone’s taste is different, and everyone’s ears are different, so play around a bit.

Power Requirements

Power must meet the following minimum requirements. For best results use a power supply that is specifically designed for pedals 9V DC 2.1mm “Boss” Style Plug Negative Center

Brand: Hungry Robot Pedals


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