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The Kármán Line is a modulating joystick delay and oscillation device that features a heavily filtered, lo-fi delay line with vinyl inspired pitch modulation. The repeats on The Kármán Line are dark and overdriven. The not-so-subtle grittiness provides the perfect tone for creating a deeply textured, lo-fi wall-of-sound. The Kármán Line was designed for glitchy experimentalists, but can find its place in many musical settings.

The Kármán Line features vinyl-esque pitch modulation centered on an all analog, light-based LFO. The modulation can go from subtle to extreme, borderline obnoxious (in a good way) pitch bending. The most intriguing aspect of The Kármán Line is the implementation of a joystick. The Kármán Line employs a delay chip that creates an audible warp as you manipulate the delay time, controlled by the Y-Axis of the joystick. The X-Axis controls the rate of modulation. The "Swell" footswitch (center) and "Launch" footswitch (right) provide two methods for bringing the circuit into ramping oscillation. Both footswitches work by overloading the circuit with out-of-control repeats (a.k.a. oscillation).

- - Max delay time is 450ms in "GUITAR MODE" and 1000ms in "BASS MODE." Mode is controlled by an internal dipswitch. - -


  • Mix - Controls volume of repeats of the delay in normal operating mode. Overridden in “Launch” mode.
  • Rpt. – Controls the number of repeats of the delay in normal operating mode. Overridden in “Launch and “Swell” mode
  • O.Mix – Controls the volume of the oscillation in “Launch” mode. Inactive in normal and “Swell” Mode
  • Depth – Controls how deep and present the modulation is.
  • Joystick (Up/Down) – Control delay time, oscillation pitch, and warping.
  • Joystick (Left/Right) – Control how modulation rate/speed.
  • Left Footswitch – Master on/off switch.
  • Middle Footswitch – “Swell” Switch – Ramping Volume Swells
  • Right Footswitch – “Launch” Switch – Oscillation locked in for below-the-mix drone

Usage Tips

The Kármán Line shines in creating a thick textured wall-of-sound and experimental, glitchy tones.

The best placement of The Kármán Line is actually early in the chain before delay, overdrive, and fuzz boxes. You can get some amazing results with a fuzz box and delay stacked after this pedal. As always, pedal order is subjective, so experiment.

The Modulation is not for the faint of heart. It can get extremely warbley. It sounds like someone is slowing down a record player with their finger and then letting it go back to original speed. The modulation is more evident when the pedal is not oscillating.

Use the “Swell” switch as a way to incorporate short, loud volume swells during a song. It is designed to reach max volume in approximately 4 beats to cater towards most modern time signatures.

Use the “Launch” switch for below the mix droning sounds. “O.Mix” acts to limit the volume of the oscillation so you can play over top of it. Using “Launch” mode provides a perfect opportunity to bend over and manipulate the joystick for some intense pitch warping. Make sure you read the “BEFORE YOU PLUG IN” guide and make sure you are using “Guitar Mode” to protect your guitar speakers.

Power Requirements

Power must meet the following minimum requirements. For best results use a power supply that is specifically designed for pedals 9V DC 2.1mm “Boss” Style Plug Negative Center

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