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Jackson Audio GOAT HEAD, modular fuzz analog plug-in


    Based on the legendary Big Muff Pi Ram's Head, the GOAT HEAD is the sound of Pink Floyd! Insane levels of fuzz and sustain are hallmarks of this circuit, but this plug-in does something that no other Big Muff can do! With the parametric EQ on the FUZZ, you can adjust the EQ so you can bring the mids forward on this circuit! Also included on the plug-in board are TONE and GAIN trimmers so you can fine tune the classic Big Muff tone control and adjust the overall gain style of the circuit.


    To install the FUZZ MODULE, please perform the following steps:
    1. Remove the back panel of the pedal using a Phillips screwdriver
    2. Lift up on the sides of the plug-in that is currently installed until the plug-in lifts up and out.
    3. Take the new plug-in and align the pins of the three headers into the header sockets and gently press into position. NOTE: The plug-in is keyed so that it cannot be installed backwards.
    4. Reinstall the back panel of the pedal.
    5. Melt faces.

    Jackson Audio Modular Fuzz Expansion Module.

      Brand: Jackson Audio


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