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Jackson Audio Prism - Galaxy Edition, Preamp/Overdrive

Condition: Mint (manufacturer seal opened)

    color: Galaxy Edition

    These custom enclosure are coated with a unique sparkle finish. At a glance they look silver however when light shines on the enclosures they begin to reflect various different shades of colors. They are mesmerizing to look at!


    The PRISM was designed using a systems approach to tone shaping. While the PRISM contains many features and circuits, those circuits are precisely crafted to work in harmony with each other to create a unique tone shaping tool with unrivaled flexibility and performance!

    Housed in a custom designed stainless steel enclosure that features laser engraved artwork, the PRISM is one of the few pedals on the market that looks as good as it sounds! Keep reading below to learn more about what makes the PRISM so unique!

    Brand: Jackson Audio

    SKU: JA-PRISM-GALAXY-07272023

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