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Jext TELEZ Jext Face Higher Gain [2n404- Wine Red]

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Higher Gain [2n404- Wine Red]

Jext Telez upped the ante to lead off 2018 by tackling the sacred
Germanium Fuzz Face. Deceptively simple, the Jext Face is the product
of typical Jext Telez obsession. Jext found an original red 1966 Fuzz Face
that was capable of melting faces in pure holiness of meltdown tones.
Using that pedal as their model, Bob and Colin spent months prototyping,
rolling vintage transistors, capacitors, resistors, experimenting with many
different layouts, wire types, wire lengths, capacitance issues where-ever
they could be addressed. Jext wanted rich deep organic low-end. Jext
wanted an extra setting that was biased hotter than the standard issue.
Jext wanted the holiest, quietest noise floor, most glorious distortion
characteristic vintage NOS transistors.... Jext got everything they
wanted-- through torturous work ethic and listening, listening, listening.

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