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Korg PC2 Pitchclip 2 Clip-On Tuner



    The Korg Pitchclip 2 is a compact clip-on tuner designed to deliver accurate and convenient instrument tuning for musicians in the studio, onstage, or at home. A rubberized grip allows it to securely clamp to your instrument's headstock without marring the finish. The precision piezo pickup facilitates fast tuning and has been optimized to improve sensitivity in low frequencies.

    The Pitchclip 2 has +/-1 cent accuracy with a tuning range from A0 to C8. The bright LED display, and a 120° angle adjustment make the screen highly visible, especially in dark music venues. Its Display Reverse mode quickly flips the screen from top to bottom for attaching the tuner to the front or the rear of the headstock, also making it usable to left-handed players. The Pitchclip 2's discreet design makes the tuner almost invisible when mounted on the back of the headstock.

    BPM values can be set via tap tempo or two different incremental modes. The tuner has an auto power-off function that conserves the battery by turning the unit off after approximately three minutes of no-note detection. The Pitchclip 2 ships with a CR2032 lithium-ion battery, which provides up to 24 hours of operating time.

    • Clips to headstock
    • Fast pitch detection with ±1 cent accuracy
    • Suitable for left- and right-handed players
    • Piezo pickup accurately detects notes
    • Tuning range from A0 to C8
    • Enhanced tuning effectiveness in low frequencies
    • 120° screen angle adjustability for convenient positioning
    • Top-to-bottom screen flip
    • Discreet physical design
    • Bright LED display provides high visibility
    • Auto power-off function after three minutes of no-sound detection
    • Pendulum Step mode allows tempo adjustments using the same increments as the numerical values of a standard mechanical metronome
    • Full Step mode lets you specify the tempo in one-step increments from 30 to 252 BPM
    • Tap Tempo mode allows you to press the TAP button at the desired interval to set the tempo

    Brand: Korg


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