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Lauren Audio Corsair Preamp ART

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The Corsair Preamp is based on a discrete transistor opamp from an early 70's recording console, and boasts a dynamic response and distortion characteristics not found in typical IC based drives. Forgoing clipping diodes, all of the tone and color is created by the saturation of the transistors that compose the opamp, providing a very natural and uncompressed playing experience.

The Corsair offers tones from refined and pristine boost, dynamic and thick overdrive, up to crunchy with a hot high end. Using the filter knob, players can dial back the high end and retain a lush, powerful midrange. The bass response is deep and reminiscent of a vintage preamp, and there is an internal switch to add even more low end for bass and synths. For the treble folks just bring the gain down and the tone up for a bright, dry treble boost. Fully maxed out the Corsair will fuzz and square wave the next device in the chain, and works great before a fuzz pedal for extra sustain and weight.

Main Features:

  • Discrete Opamp composed of NOS transistors (Limited)
  • Unique sound and dynamic feel.
  • 9v DC powered. Internal voltage doubler runs the Corsair bipolar.
  • High quality components: Dale mil spec resistors and carbon composition resistors. Vishay/ERO, Panasonic, Nichicon KW capacitors. CDE mica and WIMA metalized paper capacitors. Motorola NOS and Central Transistors.
  • Pure Tone 1/4” jacks, Lumberg DC jack
  • Controls for Gain, Tone, Filter, and Output
  • 10 Year Warranty.

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