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L.E.P. Multicassa Analogue Drum Machine



    The Multicassa is an electronic instrument composed of three cassa generators controlled by an analog trautonium like rhythm generator.

    The term trautonico is inspired by a vintage instrument, the Mixturtrautonium, invented by Oskar Sala, a student of Hindemit. His research elborated on since the 1930s was based on another, more simple instrument, the Heimtrautonium, manufactured by Telefunken in the 20s. The Heimtrautonium being one of the first electronic instruments for the living room.

    Early versions of the Mixturtrautonium used a frequency divider, the Thyratron (a type of gas valve that could be sued to build oscillators and frequency dividers). These dividers acted on the notes producing subharmonics that could be mixed (hence MIXTUR) for the production of complex sounds.

    The same principle is used here with few differences:

    • the valve are replaced with solid-state trigger circuits
    • Dividers act not on notes but on the rhythms, by dividing a basic rhythm (clock) for a variable number )with the command Clock Divider) rhythms are then mixed 2 by 2 (trig mix) generating a complex poly rhythms.

    An output mixer allows you to adjust the volume of each speaker. Each cassa has a pitch, resonance and distortion control. The clock can be generated internally or applied externally through jack on the left side of the unit.

    The multicassa accepts any type of clock pulse or square wave 3-12 volts amplitude, with any polarity including the midi clock, as long as the midi line is only present (ie. no other messages -- notes, control changes, sysex, etc.)


    Power also non-stablized 12 volts + central tip.


    Brand: L.E.P.


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